Thank you to all who were brave enough to take a guess!
I really enjoyed the support and wonderful comments:)

It truly was priceless and my intention was to share the trip for others to enjoy. Hopefully inspiring others to vacate their lives to try something they have always wanted to do, even if for just a day, 6 weeks or a year. The real truth is I took this trip because my daughter, Victoria ask me. It did not occur to me until we were well into the trip I have always wanted to take a trip across America. I think sometimes we get caught up in our daily lives and forget we can really do just about anything we want, we just need to take the first step or be pushed as I was by my daughter.
Thank you, Victoria for the trip of a lifetime!!!! I would NOT want to share this experience with anyone but you:)

Now down to business, what did this trip cost??
Donna A LOT !!!!
Ada Marie $890
Stephan $3458.32
Deb I don’t think I should guess….I’ve already asked too many questions!
Heather $8350.00…”I’ll stick but I think it’s closer to 6500″
Joyce 3456.00
 “my guess is $9250 #priceless”
Sarah R. “Well I think you are going to tell me it’s low so I will say $5000 or less”
Sarah C. “I will go with $5345”
Nicholas $10,000
Mike $7,500
Lynne “I’m guessing low too $3833”
Kristina “Well whatever the cost it is insignificant to the memories you and Victoria have from this trip. $6350”
Maureen “and we all benefitted living vicariously through your posts and pictures! So thank you! $1,000,000 trip when you count all who were touched by the experience!”

In defense of my spending…42 days on the road and 14,000​ miles traveled averaged out to $76.26 a day for food etc., $78.00 per day for lodging and only $35.35 for gas per day.
Travel is expensive but worth every penny! We stayed with amazing friends and family, slept in a tent in below freezing temperatures, a sketchy motel and a few luxury resorts, well worth the money hotels and a few not so luxury resorts not worth the money.

The two closest and on point guesses would be Mike and Heather, now the question is…and I am LOOKing for opinions because I need help deciding…do we do this like a game show and going over disqualifies the guess?
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I am very curious as to how Heather and Mike came to the amounts they predicted? As you can see the range of guesses is amazing! I was not really sure myself the financial cost and afraid to add it up at the end. Remember we also brought home 2 kittens! However, I would not change a thing, the experience and time with my daughter was truly #priceless!!!! Already contemplating our next trip. Any suggestions??