On February 15th I was lucky enough to tour the Shubert Theatre and Wang Center, now named the Boch Center in Boston. The tour was hosted by History Camp, a treat to be sure!!
When you attend the theatre do you think about how it all happens and what it LOOKs like behind the curtain?
I do!! I always wonder what is happening to the performers during breaks and in between their time to  perform. I imagine them relaxing and enjoying each others company and then a frenzy when its their time to perform.
Obviously, we did not see the backstage with performers but it was still fun to see the dressing rooms, hallways and sitting areas they would enjoy.
This blog I will share primarily through the pictures I took while I was on the tour. Our tour guide did an EXCELLENT job! 
FUN FACT! When the Wang Center opened they sold tickets for $1.00. There were 5000 seats but they actually sold more tickets than seats!
FUN FACT! The booth below was used as part of the movie The Great Debaters with Denzel Washington as a newsstand. The Witches of Eastwick starring Jack Nicholson was also filmed in the Wang Center. 
Now to explore BACKSTAGE!

Of course, we did not sign THE WALL, it is only for celebrities, like the

Dalai Lama and Neil Young:)


    Did anyone see and understand the “Ghost Light?” pictured in both theaters? 
I hope you enjoyed the tour!?!?! I know I did!!