Wow!!! What a weekend!!! Spending time with my children is ALWAYS my BEST time! When your kids grow up and pursue their dreams it can take them from home. This is a good thing but also the hardest part of being a parent. Letting go and letting them grow!!!

I am fortunate enough to be a Mom who’s children like to spend time with me.
My son Bowen moved out to Los Angeles almost 3 1/2 years ago…time has flown!!!
When he left I thought how can I do this?? Being so far way from him was going to be so hard!
Now, I LOOK back and think of the amazing trips and time we have had together in California. The time together is surely more special and I am thankful to have it to enjoy.

This was a quick trip but very timely. Bowen went out to LA because he studied film and media in college and is going after his dream. January, 17th  Bad Boys for Life hit the screen and Bowen Tibbetts appeared in the credits!!!
We went to the Fox Theatre in Westwood Village to watch, both of us seeing the entire movie for the first time together. It was a fun movie with action, comedy and the love of family. I literally was on the edge of my seat clapping for Will Smith to do his thing at the end of the movie. Bowen found this amusing. I think my emotions were high with pride for his involvement in the movie and name in the credits. Proud Mom moment!!!

Now …let me get back to the rest of the trip now that I have told you the highlight!
I arrived mid day Saturday and of course our first stop was In and Out Burger, a MUST when visiting LA.
Then we headed off to the Hammer Museum, Bowen and I had fun wandering through the galleries together.
Enjoyed a little ping pong too!
The museum was close to the Fox theatre but we still had some time so he took me to his favorite cookie place for the best bargain in LA! Cookies for .50 and an ice cream sandwich cookie for $3.00 his treat. HAHAHAHAHA YUMMMY!!
Then we took a walk through the UCLA campus, needed to burn a few calories after the yummy cookies. Catching up, walking and talking and eating cookies! Nothing better:)
   Time for the movie…Drum roll PLEASE!!!

 Then to the Kimpton Palamor to check in, relax and toast Bowen with a complimentary bottle of champagne we found in my room. The universe was truly at work here!! LOVE my KIMPTON!
Dinner time…we headed back near the theatre, did I mention Bowens name was in the credits of The Bad Boys for Life (insert eye roll here). We went to the Buxton Brewery and I had the BEST buttermilk fried chicken sandwich EVER!! Beer was good too:)

Full and happy time to call it a day…But…I still have two more days!

Sunday is brunch day!!! 
One of my favorite places for brunch is Fig at the Fairmont Bungalows in Santa Monica. Now…I am going to tell you a secret but SHHHH…don’t tell anyone because the couch is mine! There is an outside terrace if you enter the doors to the Bungalows and turn right. There is a lovely spot by a fish pond AND the menu is the Fig menu. It is relaxing, quiet and yummy!!! BUT keep this to yourself:)

We relaxed and enjoyed the terrace before we headed out to do a little shopping on the Promenade in Santa Monica and hit the sale at J. Crew.

Then back to the hotel to watch some football and “My man Maholmes”. Bowen had to work the afternoon/evening but he came back for a late night dinner at my hotel. One of the things I LOVE about the Kimpton hotel chain is each hotel has an independently run restaurants. The food is always yummy! It was a treat to have him come back and have dinner together.

Monday is our last day together and we planned a hike at the Malibu State Park.
Then off to lunch in Malibu…Bowen can always find the best sandwich anywhere!! Jerry Seinfeld appears to agree:)

If you are curious about the yummy sandwich click on the link below!
We had lunch and walked around the Malibu Country Mart. A wonderful spot with food, art, shopping, zen garden and a play ground. Something for everyone!! 
Heading back to my LA I spotted this giant table and chairs complete with wine and glasses. Bowen was a good sport and turned around so I could get the picture.
​So fun!! I am a sucker for this kind of stuff. LOOKing forward to The LOOK Book, Casey coming soon!!
Check out Big Things in a Small Town link below.

Time for the Celtics and LA. Fun to watch the competing cities and Celtics kicked butt!
To end this amazing trip we went down to Venice beach for dinner and walked on the strip. Even got to see Muscle Beach. Although it was vacant but fun to imagine it lively.
I highly recommend everything we did this weekend including the Bad Boys for Life which you don’t have to go to Los Angeles to see and remember to stay through the credits (eye roll here:).
Hard to say good bye but…what memories we made!!!

Blah blah

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