This weekend was one for the books!! I mean…the Guinness Book of World Records!!
I traveled back to Casey, Illinois sadly …without my daughter Victoria, to complete the pictures for The LOOK Book, Casey. I chose to go this weekend because the Guinness Book of World Records was holding a ceremony to measure several of the World’s Largest items in Casey.
This is just fun! Who does anything just for fun anymore!
As I walked around Casey taking pictures and enjoying just being in Casey. I watched and listened to the tourists as they smiled, took pictures and posed with the Big Things in a Small Town. Just having fun and enjoying!

It is not just the Big Things in this Small Town which make this a unique and amazing experience. It is truly the people who have created lives here and built their town and the Big Things. You feel welcome and safe as you walk around town enjoying a meal or two and shopping in the local shops. A must would be a stop at the Casey Candy Depot. Victoria insisted I bring chocolates from one of her favorite shops on our mother/daughter trip. Chocolate YUM!!!
Another shop to enjoy is The Farmer’s Wife Gift Shopappropriately named because the owner is a farmers wife! You will find a friendly smile, the worlds largest knitting needles and a positive attitude along with wonderful items for your home and of course yarn!

On our Mother/Daughter trip, we only stopped for a few hours but this time I stayed overnight at The Eighteen Ninety Sleepover Inn. A 12 room boutique hotel in the middle of town with an abundance of character right down to the exposed brick walls and the Harry Potter-themed room. Really for no reason just because HP is fun!

I have returned from the small town of Casey, Illinois for the second time and I will return whenever I am close or maybe just for fun!!
I encourage EVERYONE to make Casey, Illinois a destination you will NOT BE disappointed!

Why not plan a family vacation to Illinois as a Christmas gift! Wrap up The LOOK Book, Casey (when available) as a way to share where you will be traveling.
I usually post pictures of my travels and adventures but to see the full experience in Casey I think it would be best for you to check out their Facebook page.

Now I am thinking…this would work for any of The LOOK Book locations!  
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