I am not really sure how to begin this blog…I am sitting at an Auto Care 2000. Victoria is back at the hotel sleeping. I figure one of us needs to get some rest. The “change oil” light came on several days ago. We checked the oil as suggested by my mechanic and love, George:) Yep…there is oil. He says…”you can drive it for months with this light going on. You can drive it home.” Although I believe him, we have a 12 hour drive today to San Antonio, Texas. I asked last night at the hotel and the girl at the desk gave me a suggestion. The location was 15 minute drive and she gave me the name of the person I should contact. I just had a feeling this morning…so I asked again…I think important to trust your intuition. The guy at the desk this morning suggested a place a mile away. He didn’t have anything vested in this place and said “they have always been good to me.” The mechanics were very nice and polite and many people waiting now. I can see the car which of course makes me feel better. It is only an oil change and check tire pressure and we will be on our way!

Now back to how the last few days have unfolded.
Day 29: This turned out to be our last day camping. Although I actually have enjoyed the tent part. Which amazed me! The bathrooms not so much…so happy to have checked this off my list:)
Still no reception but we needed to book a room for tonight.
I have been trying different ways to book and using different timing. I have found 2-3 days in advance work well or day of but not the day before. I booked a hotel room on hotels.com again while sitting in a spot in the Grand Canyon were we could get service.
Now for a hike! Wow!!! Views is an understatement !!!
I am thinking I would like to hike to the Colorado river and raft down the river. Starting a new bucket list!
Time to head off for Arches National Park and a nights rest at a lovely Bed and Breakfast with our delightful host Mary. Clean, amazing views, shower and breakfast cooked to order! 
Arches National Park was an impressive natural phenomenon… 
…but the Rangers not so much!
I was a mile from the park exit and pulled over and received a $130.00 speeding ticket, with a $30.00 processing fee, what is this???? NO FUN!! 🙁 

I really hope the $$ goes to the National Parks. 
Last National Park on the trip.
On our way again and heading to Denver Colorado. We were supposed to camp tonight in the Rockies but our friends beautiful home and amazing hospitality was VERY enticing! We arrived late for dinner…but they were so kind they waited! Feeling blessed!!! The wine in my hand just after walking through the door was perfect! It was a wonderful summer Rose’. Let me just mention Mic and Bobby took us in while in St. Louis too. Not sure Victoria and I would still be traveling without these rest stops along the way with friends to help rejuvenate us!
She was even willing to accept lodging from a St. Louis Blues fan!
Day 30: 
Tour guides for the second time on this trip Mic and Bobby arranged for a PERFECT day exploring the mountains near Denver and the city. We started with a winery, finally…Victoria let me stop and enjoy wine at lunch:) We sat above the river and enjoyed a flight and delicious lunch.

​Then went off to tour “Red Rocks”, an amazing concert venue. 
Just about any musician you can think of has performed here. 
The altitude can effect you but we saw people training using the seating. If you LOOK closely you can see 3 men in the center doing sit ups. Impressive!!
Then off to the city to explore! We took a chance and ended up being lucky enough to get a walk in reservation for high tea at The Brown Palace Hotel. We had to wait a bit…Thank you Bobby for your patience!! Delicious and oh so fancy!! (I realize I need a video tutor…but hopefully you can grasp the experience.)
Full and satisfied, on our way out of the city we stopped at The Buckhorn Exchange a famous bar and restaurant full of history and taxidermy. 
Second night with Mic and Bobby includes new friends Debbie and Jim welcoming us into their home which included amazing views of Denver, the mountains and a beautiful sunset! Life is Good:)
Day 31: We started today with a yummy brunch at Snooze with our friend Brittany before driving 6 plus hours to Santa Fe, New Mexico. We stopped upon arrival at our hotel at Meow Wolfe, an interactive art exhibit at Brittany’s suggestion. WOW!! Interesting and being so tired I actually felt like I was possibly hallucinating. Fun and interesting but exhaustion was settling in…or coming up again? Off to the Holiday Inn Express and rest…I hope. 
Day 32: Oh man…hard to get up his morning…11 hour plus drive today to San Antonio…and an hour time change…getting closer to home!!!
​As we make our way across TEXAS, I am able to use my hotspot once again to complete this blog. OH, how I missed the internet!!!