As I write this blog in Moab, Utah at a lovely Bed and Breakfast (with WIFI!!! YAY!!!) I reflect on just how exhausted Victoria and I are but I am still happy we took this trip together. We are learning about each other and ourselves…what we like, dislike and can tolerate.

The last 4 days have had varied experiences…beginning with Las, Vegas.

​Day 24:
Let’s just say… “What Happens in Vegas…Stays in Vegas!”

Day 25: Zion National Park in Utah was absolutely spectacular! We stayed at the Zion Lodge which I would highly recommend! I will let the pictures and videos tell of the experience I will NEVER forget!!

Can you see Victoria at the edge again?!?!
Day 26:
After our hike in Zion National Park, beginning at 5:50 AM, did you catch the time…we began our drive to the Grand Canyon. After driving hours, really not even sure how many hours at this point, we set up camp and then explored the Grand Canyon. 
Googled Elk. 
“Elk are one of the most dangerous animals in Grand Canyon National Park. They are not usually aggressive, but will defend themselves if people get too close. Please do not approach elk, and view them from at least 100 feet.”
This morning after trekking to a moderately clean but too crowded bathroom I encountered an elk 10 ft. away. He didn’t seemed bothered by me so we both went about our business.
We packed up and headed out again to explore the Grand Canyon…and enjoyed a spectacular hike and photographing session. Off again to Arches National Park with a stop at Four Corners Monument. Victoria was in Utah and Colorado while I was in Arizona and New Mexico this is the most space we have had from each other in four weeks!!!!