School is uncertain for EVERYONE but what is certain is we are ALL in this together!

It has become a family choice on how to proceed. My niece is beginning her freshman year in college and heading off soon, my nephew is beginning his senior year in college and staying home to complete the semester online. Strange times indeed!

I was feeling helpless being a Mom and an educator. I really wanted to do something to help.

I was on social media and came across a post by The Boston Book Festival. A school in need!

The principal made the call when schools were closing due to Covid to share the school library with the students to take home. These few books each student brought home may have been the ONLY books in their homes. I think a courageous decision and the correct decision!

BUT this has now left her with an empty library for the children when they return. Of course, school is uncertain this fall but they will eventually come back and need a library with books. I spoke with the principal and she shared they actually pulled out of storage mimeograph paper from the ’70s for the kids to have something to write on when doing their work at home.

This story spoke to me and I had to act fast!

This was an AHHHH MOMENT when personal and business life collide.

I decided to do 3 things.

  1. Reach out to my neighborhood. I live in an AMAZING neighborhood and sent out an email to my neighbors and in a week I had TWO CARS full of books and supplies for the school.
  2. The LOOK Book could help too! Donating The LOOK Book, Boston for each child to have their own copy. I thought this is a book they could all understand whether they could read or not. They would recognize, I hope many of the pictures and find pleasure in opening a book. This is how we create joy in reading!
  3. I also decided to make a personal monetary donation. YOU can do this too!!

As I was writing this blog I received a message from my neighbor “I went online and read their story, then Ended up buying them books online too. You definitely had an impact on their school!” WE are making an impact PLEASE JOIN US!!!

Books can be bought and donated directly from the Hernández School’s wish list here or by visiting BBF’s donate page

You may not be able to see the principals smile but her eyes light up as she says to me “I am most excited about the books!”

She is a principal fostering a love of reading!! I hope the pictures tell the story of how helping others is wonderful for everyone involved!