“We need to LOOK at each other with sympathy and warmth” Nathaniel Philbrick

Nantucket is an amazing place with warm people and beautiful landscapes. My true happy place!

Each June I LOOK forward to being a part of the Nantucket Book Festival. Meeting new people, visiting with old friends, and discovering what books I would like to read over the summer. This year the book festival is virtual but gives us the opportunity to enjoy it all summer! 

Books have been a refuge for all of us during this strange and often difficult time. The interview I chose to share in this blog gives me hope! Studying the past, LOOKing at the present, and thinking about the future.

The interview with Nathaniel Philbrick centers on his book, In the Hurricane’s Eye, and gives insight into our history and relates it to our lives today. What can we learn from history? Take a listen to Nathaniel Philbrick for an interesting and hopeful perspective hosted by The Nantucket Book Festival

I will be reading “In the Hurricane’s Eye”. I find it fun he chose to write a book about Yorktown and the last book I published was “The LOOK Book, Historic Virginia Triangle” which includes Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Yorktown. 

There are so many ways to learn from history and to teach history. Whether you are a teacher, a parent, or both or just enjoy learning in these times of uncertainty focusing on history can help us understand the past, accept the present and step forward into the future with a better perspective.