Planning for the future is an important thing to do right now. Thinking about where we would like to travel and making a plan is a perfect way to start!

My daughter, Victoria, and I traveled across the United States 2 years ago when she graduated from college BUT we still have the desire to travel again and are making plans. I gave her a scratch-off map of the United States that also included a world map and accessories.

Take a LOOK: 

It was fun to see her scratching off the states we visited and thinking about the states we would like to visit in the future. Scratch off maps are a wonderful way to learn the states and/or countries, keep track of where you have been, and make plans for where you would like to go.

As they say “It is FUN and EDUCATIONAL”

I also purchased a map for myself to keep track of the states I have created a LOOK Book. I purchased a simple and inexpensive amazon scratch off map. I have the map hanging in my office to inspire me to travel and create additional books.

Take a LOOK:

WHERE WILL YOU GO? Start planning and soon we will be traveling again!

I took the time to LOOK around and realized there are so many more options for scratch-off maps to choose from that I have highlighted below. 

United States Scratch off Maps.

  1. Scratch off Map of The United States with National Parks and 50 Landmarks:


     2.  A Travel Sized Scratch off Map of The United States:


     3. Scratch Off Map, 24×17, of the US with National Parks and State Flags:


     4.  Scratch Off Map of The United States with 50 State Flags and Landmarks:


     5.   Black Scratch Off USA, State Capitals, National Parks, 17 x 24 inches:


Stay tuned for the next book in The LOOK Book series coming in 2021!

                                                                  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! 

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