What problem are you solving? This is a question often asked of entrepreneurs and start-ups.
I recently reflected and identified a problem I am solving!! ANSWER: Increased Human Connection. 
It sounds a little outrageous to think The LOOK Book scavenger hunt series is assisting in human connection…but it is!!
​Here is the story of Increased Human Connection…
I received a wonderful email from a grandfather from Chatham, MA. He was simply asking me to identify locations in the Chatham book. He explained he and his wife were taking pictures of themselves at each location in the book to create a game for his young grandchildren who live in California. They wanted to share where they live because the children could not travel due to health reasons. They planned on bringing the book and the pictures on their next visit to California. They were connecting with their grandchildren through a game and used The LOOK Book as part of the game…SO CREATIVE and SO SPECIAL!!!!
They brought the pictures and The LOOK Book, Chatham on their next visit and were kind enough to share with me so I can share here!