I started my book journey MANY years ago but I continue to learn every day!
I had the pleasure this May weekend in 2022 of introducing myself and The LOOK Book to a favorite author of mine, Nancy Thayer.
We both live on the island of Nantucket. She was doing a book signing at Mitchells’ Book Corner on Nantucket.
I was excited for her newest book, “Summer Love” to start my summer reading. The weather is improving and my deck and lounge chair is calling!

I decided to be brave and had an idea! I wanted to share with Nancy what her books have meant to me over the years and decided to write a note. The note explained how her “Flash Club” books made me feel I was not alone and approached this strange and difficult time in my life with humor. And how her books about life, family, and friends on Nantucket bring me such warmth and make me stop to think about relationships and how they shape our lives.

I felt that just handing her a note was not enough and wanted to share a part of me. I put together a gift bag including The LOOK Book, Nantucket, and Hunter the Owl in his finest Nantucket t-shirt. We both have such a LOVE of the island of Nantucket even though our written expression is different I felt she would understand and enjoy my gift.
I was so pleased when she asked to take a picture of us together with her holding The LOOK Book, Nantucket, and Hunter the Owl. Of course, I wanted to hold her book proudly and support her!
Authors supporting Authors,
Women supporting Women!!
See our smiling faces!!

Much to my surprise and delight, I found out she has 5 grandchildren! Future LOOK Bookers:)