Project Description

Boston, MA Look Book Scavenger Hunt

This is the scavenger hunt featured in the picture book for Boston, MA. Book includes pictures, a game to play, information and stickers to track progress.

The book includes pictures, information, historical facts and stickers to track progress​. This map serves as the answer key!

Answer Key

Page 13: Benjamin Franklin
Page 25: 
Page 31: “Bell in Hand Tavern” is the oldest tavern in America. The tavern got it’s name from Boston’s last known town crier Jimmy Wilson.
Page 45: Boston Children’s Museum (
Page 55:  Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum, a Revolutionary Experience. (
Page 59: Narrowest House was built as a “spite house” after two brothers inherited the land. One brother built a large house on the land while the other brothers was serving in the military. The brother serving in the military upon his return built the narrow house to ruin his brothers view and block the sunlight.
The house has four floors and only five doors. Guests often sleep in the closet.
Page 63: