Project Description

Washington, DC Look Book Scavenger Hunt

This is a scavenger hunt in a picture book, for learning about the landmarks and historic sites of our nation’s capitol Washington, D.C.

The book includes pictures, information, historical facts and stickers to track progress​. This map serves as the answer key!

Answer Key:

Page 3: 50
Page 7: Theodore Roosevelt
Page 9: James Renwick
Page 15: Andrew Jackson. This statue commemorates Jackson’s victory over the British in 1815. At the base of the statue sits four cannons Jackson captured in Pensacola, Florida. The statue was dedicated on January 8, 1853.
Page 17: library
Page 19: “I Have A Dream”
Page 25: Hoisted in 5 sections and assembled with the last section, the head and shoulders raised on December 2, 1863.
Page 31: Pacific
Page 33: George Washington was inaugurated as the first President of the United States on April 30,1789.
Page 37: The soldier is unarmed.
Page 47: established the  (United States) Institute (Of Peace.)
​Page 55: Fala
Page 57: 1. Declaration of Independence; 2. The Constitution; 3. The Bill of Rights