Food is at the heart and soul of every household these days. Even in my house with my two 20 something children, here because of Covid, food and food prep bonds us like never before. My daughter, Victoria is now learning to cook with the help of her friends. Last week I was blessed with watching her and 2 friends share a cooking experience with laughter and support. Then we all enjoyed the YUMMY meal of Rissotto and blonde squares together via zoom. Their families and ours popped in and out of the picture, waving and apologizing for our hair and appearance because after all, we don’t really leave the house.

My son Cory prepared a very yummy chicken dish, on his own the next night experimenting with coconut oil as I watched, seated on the couch with a glass of wine.

A blessing during covid is more time with my children to watch them learn and grow in their own way.

Below is a new and very fun foodie podcast! In the podcast, Beth walks us through food adventures and a “how to” for the recipe that is included in her website,

I am planning on getting the food items needed and listening again as she walks me through the recipe. I also need a lot of help cooking and it is fun to learn the correct way to complete a recipe.

Easy, Comforting Vegetarian Pasta Dish – serves 2

Recipe to follow below:

Happy Cooking!!!

Stay SAFE and Healthy!