Project Description

Boston, MA Look Book Scavenger Hunt

This is the scavenger hunt featured in the picture book for Chatham, MA.

Book includes pictures, a game to play, information and stickers to track progress.

This map serves as the answer key!

Answer Key:

Page 7: The sign has been removed. Please, place a sticker when you find the Josiah Mayo House.

Page 20:

  • Red symbolizes hardiness and valor.
  • White symbolizes punity and innocence.
  • Blue symbolizes vigilance, perseverance and justice.

Page 22: Slide used by fisherman unloading fish at the Chatham Fish Pier
Page 24: First United Church on Main St.
Page 48: CQX identifies the Chatham airport.
Page 54: CG36500 is the name of the lifeboat used to rescue 32 survivors.
Page 61: The Wampanoag canoe known as a Mishoon has deteriorated to the point where it has been discarded. Please place a sticker on this page and consider a trip to Plymouth Plantation to see an actual Mishoon.
Page 62: Herring Gull is identified by a red mark.
Changes: .  If you contact Matt at the Conservation Foundation, he would be happy to send you some new pictures of the house.  Second, the Wampanoag canoe displayed on p. 61 deteriorated to the point where it has been discarded.

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